Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Emerging Technology: Post 2

For the second emerging technology post I used the web tool Wordle. Wordle is a "Tag cloud" or word cloud that is used to show the word content of a collections of words. In the words that are used the most in the collection are the words that are usually the biggest and appear most often in the work cloud.

I have seen classmates use Wordle in some of my other classes to give presentations or to describe an assignment. This was my first experience using it. When I went to the site ( to create me own word cloud I was given the option to enter my URL of my blog. After entering the URL the word cloud was created by using the words I have posted on my blog. This made it very easy to create. I then edited it, making it into my own version by changing the direction, color, and font of the words. Here is an example of a Wordle that I created:

title="Wordle: Sthomas"> src=""
alt="Wordle: Sthomas"
style="padding:4px;border:1px solid #ddd">

Tips on creating your own:
>NEVER use personal information because the Wordle is posted to the web.
>Be creative!! Play around while editing putting your own touch to it.
>Remember this tool so you can use it in the future!!


  1. I'll have to check wordle out! Sounds interesting especially with so many other students using this technology!

  2. I love wordle! Nice tips and suggestions too! Good job Sarah!

  3. I loved your worddle! I remember learning these in one of the classes I took last semester! They were so much fun to create!